An UNFORGETTABLE experience with Chevy in my city, Miami

So I planned to take a day or two to go to famous places I have never been in my city. Places that have been featured in TV shows, places that thousands of people visit but I had never been to explore.

Let’s Explore Miami with Chevy but not just any Chevy, a Chevy Corvette!

Lets start with the fact that I am a technology lover and when it comes to cars I love to explore each brands features, I have to say the the technology on all Chevy cars will let you live experiences to the max. Why? The OnStar Navigation is great for navigating through the city without having to worry about getting lost, you can focus on smiling more, looking at the views and sharing memories with your loved ones. 

The Apple Car Play is another feature that I love, being an iPhone user, this is a very convenient way to listen to your favorite music, answer calls and most importantly be a safe driver while you are at it.

My first stop was in to a Cuban sandwich place I had never been to, the food was so good! I ordered a Chicken Milanesa and a Cuban sandwich, OMG, just delicious! I also had a Fruta Bomba juice, which is a delicious fresh papaya drink, all natural, its something you don’t find everywhere.

Next stop Wynwood, it was time for a smoothie at Dr. Smoods, one of my favorite places that has all organic and healthy offerings. The place is so beautiful I took advantage of all its instagrammable corners. What do you think?

Watching the Sunset and having the top down was an incredible experience and memory that I will keep. The speed this car handles, especially when it gets to 50-60 mph in seconds, its addictive. I am now considering getting one of these Chevys. The Corvette is almost the perfect sports car. Nothing at its price point can touch its raw performance, and from the capable Z51 package to the overwhelming ZR1, there are options for every taste and budget.

The conclusion is that the Chevys have everything you need to make lasting memories and you don’t even have to go too far from your city. It just takes a good car with a system equipped to keep you entertained and safe. 

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